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Why would we talk about price when the initial cost of a metal roof is usually higher than the cost of an asphalt shingles roof?

Because metal roofs can actually cost much less in the long run. Consider the Classic Rib metal roof, one of the most popular styles for residential applications. Combining beauty and durability with affordability, it’s available in a wide range of attractive colors and paint finishes. Best of all, it has a lifespan that’s double or triple of asphalt shingles, which inevitable fade with time, leak and require costly repairs. But a metal roof, which can’t rot, crack, split, or break, will give you decades of worry-free savings, and everyone likes the sound of that!

Available Colors

Galvalume and Ceram-A-Star 1050 Stock Color, Kynar is available through special order.

  • Ash Gray

  • Barn Red

  • Burnished Slate

  • Charcoal Gray

  • Clay

  • Cocoa Brown

  • Forest Green

  • Galvalume

  • Hawaiian Blue

  • Light Stone

  • Mocha Tan

  • Polar White

Product Features & Specs

  • Slope – 3:12 (Minimum Recommended Slope)
  • Substrate – Open structure framing and solid substrates. It is recommended to be installed over 5/8” plywood decking with a 30 pound felt moisture barrier.
  • Coverage – 36” Coverage Panel, ¾” Rib Height
  • Length – MIN. 36”, MAX 40’ (Longer lengths are available with prior coordination)
  • Availability – 29, 26 and 24 Gauge
  • Performance Test – UL 580-94 / UL 1897-98 in accordance with Florida Building Code 2004.
  • Fastening System – Exposed Fastener # 10 – 12 x 6 x 1 ½” HWH
  • Materials – Steel Grade 50/E per ASTM A-792, Steel Grade 80/D per ASTM A-792
  • Color Options – Galvalume and Ceram-A-Star 1050 Stock Color – Kynar (available through special order)
MRC Classic Rib Schematic